Our store has been established as a place where you can find the highest quality selected crafts, jewelery and textiles; without forgetting the most important thing, which is where you can buy original pieces from Liliana del Toro, with a personal contact with the designer.


Here you can find an exclusive selection of products, always ensuring that these are of the highest quality which mainly highlight its colors; as well as original designs from Liliana del Toro, decorated with modern cuts and traditional handmade embroidery.



Our Motivations


  • Being a brand that participates in spreading the culture and the beauty of Oaxacan embroidery.


  • Design clothes based on trends of fashion fused with traditional textiles and embroideries.


  • Engaging cultures and traditions in the design materials, fabrics, accessories, ornaments and embroidery.


  • Promote jobs for Oaxacan craftswomen to promote ancient embroidery techniques and publicize the efforts of these amazing embroideries.


  • Fusing my passion for drawing, craft and design to carry out ideas.



At Liliana del Toro we are passionate about fashion and tradition.

In the store you can find modern creations for women, with elegant and casual cuts, vibrant colors and decorated with handmade embroidery, strategically placed on each garment.