Inspiration and Creation


The nature, the traditions, the colors, the flavors, the architecture, the feeling of everyday life; but above all the typical hand-embroidered costumes, ornaments and feminine decorations thrive with characteristics of southeast Mexico.  As well as the influence of new fashion trends, which serve the inspiration of designer Liliana del Toro. In this, the first step in a long process of creation.


Pattern making and cutting


Everything starts in a small workshop in fashion design, where imagination and inspiration materializes in the form of lines, drawings and sketches; embodied and cut with their own techniques, in various materials, creating the first signs of what will be unique and original clothing.



The state of Oaxaca is characterized by the delicate work of artists and craftsmen. Creators heir of ancient techniques have changed and survived through the years. One of the most cherished bastions of this legacy can be seen in the fascinating work of embroiderers.


At Liliana del Toro, we work with traditional Oaxacan embroiderers, which gives the clothing a unique element to the garments, where the color, the relief and the unmatched dedication of these women are the primary features. This continuous pursuit of trying to capture the traditional culture in each garment, makes the designs express a unique aesthetic, full of an extraordinary story, resulting in that every stitch on the fabric is unique.