Liliana Del Toro

Oaxacan Designer


Since I was very young, I have felt attracted to colors, shapes and embroideries. All my life I have been surrounded by an atmosphere of culture and traditions, which developed into a deep fascination for traditional dress, the work that reflects Mexican women artisans and their creations in the great tradition of textile creation that counts our country.


I am fortunate to be in Oaxaca, the land of artists, musicians and creators, where the imagination is reflected in the works done by hand, and where everyday is continued with the work of folkart rooted from heritage.


I have always had a clear inclination and liking for handmade craftsmanship. Motivated by the work of Oaxacan embroidery, I decided to be apart of this incredible tradition of creative women, studying Fashion Design, then starting my own clothing line: Liliana del Toro.


My Designs


My designs try to combine the ancient customs of Southeast Mexico, with modern and contemporary cuts; 100% handmade, clothes for women who are the forefront of fashion. My intention is to create clothing in which the vivid colors, the distinct design, and the artisanal work make the women who wear them, feel secure, comfortable, and feminine.


Proudly Oaxacan, I decided to study Fashion Design at Diseño de Modas en the Centro de Estudios Superiores de Diseño de Monterrey CEDIM.  I specialized in techniques of patterns, drawing, cut and design.